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Staff recruitment

Large classification

Construction, Machinery, Electricity and Information

Job type:
Patent Attorney Paralegal

We are hiring a patent attorney paralegal.

You will commute to our office, which is about a 5-minute walk from Meguro Station. You will support the work of patent attorneys under the instructions of patent attorneys. This includes the work of a patent clerk.

Depending on your abilities and preferences, you may also be asked to take on accounting or secretarial duties.
You can adjust your working hours and the days you work.

Patent administration experience is welcome.
Those who can speak English or Chinese will be given preference.
When applying, please send your application to the email address listed below, along with the job type you are applying for (required) and your preferred working style (optional), along with your resume (including contact information, photo, and work history).

Person in charge: Chief Patent Attorney, Yadai Yanagimoto

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