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Business Information

Main Business

We provide specialized services related to intellectual property, from patent document searches to filing applications and utilizing rights. We will utilize our specialized and multifaceted careers to contribute to the profits of our client companies in the field of intellectual property.

Fuji Mountain

Purely national application agency

Invention discovery meetings, claim drafting, specification preparation, etc. • We handle procedures from acceptance to obtaining rights.

management consulting

We develop and support intellectual property strategies, technology development strategies, project management, and business plans.

Painted Greek Islands

Foreign and domestic applications, domestic and international application agency

We propose PCT applications and foreign applications claiming Paris priority, write specifications, and check translations.

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Client Support

Meetings at technology development sites (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Kanto area)

We also hold remote meetings from time to time.

Patent Research

Utilizing our experience as examiners, we conduct prior art searches, infringement prevention searches, and invalidity (objection) document searches prior to application.

Hands and diamonds


We protect our clients' interests by providing support for dispute resolution, including investigations into patent infringement and disputes, preparation for litigation, and negotiation support.




1-5-4 Terre 301, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


Shonan branch in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture

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